Imperial Order [Gaming Ladders]

Tie Fighter Ladder

The Imperial Order's first and oldest gaming platform, the TIE Ladder consists of one mandatory offline round each month. The mission is chosen from the Tactical Office, or from the TIE Fighter game itself. Members of Furious Wing have to participate in this ladder, other Imperial Order members can join as well.

Find out if you are pilot enough to claim the TIE Flying Ace title, compete in mandatory missions as well as challenges!

Ladder Judge: Admiral Max Porteous

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter Ladder

The XvT ladder is the oldest ongoing Ladder competition in the Imperial Order. The ladder is free for all officers (Vehement Wing officers have to participate). You can compete against your fellow pilots either online or offline in Melee or Missions. There is one mandatory round given out each month.

Challenges will bring you up in the ranks, but only the pilot with nerves of steel and reflexes of a cheetah will be victorious!

Ladder Judge: Grand Admiral Wulfman

Jedi Knight Ladder

This ladder is open to all Imperial Order officers, and everyone is strongly encouraged to participate. Go head to head in online combat with some of the toughest warriors in the Imperial Order. This is your best opportunity to hone your skills in Jedi Knight challenges and the monthly mandatory round.

You are a warrior, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Ladder Judge: Major General Curgenven

X-Wing Alliance Ladder

The XWA Ladder also provides the option of flying online or offline skirmish missions. XWA provides pilots with a wide array of starfighters to choose from. Similar to the XvT ladder, this ladder is organized in monthly mandatory rounds and challenges.

For members of Warbird Wing this is the ladder of choice, but as in all Imperial Order ladders every officer is welcome.

Ladder Judge: Grand Admiral Wulfman

Chess Ladder

Chess, that most ancient of disciplines. It can take a couple of hours to learn the basics, but a lifetime to master. Besides being fun, chess can help improve your strategic planning. This is the purpose of the Imperial Order Chess Tournament, to make our warriors not only strong in body and spirit, but strong in mind as well. Then, they will be truly formidable foes!

Ladder Judge: Admira Max Porteous

Force Commander Ladder

Command the Imperial ground troops, AT-ATs and other vehicles for the glory of the Empire. In this ladder you can truly test your commanding skills, it is open for all Imperial Order officers. All competitions in the Force Commander ladder are online! Each Month there will be a given scenario from the ladder judge. This will include the online map and start settings.

Ladder Judge: Grand Admiral Wulfman

Pod Racing Ladder

Experience the thrill and excitement of owning your own Pod and racing it against the best in the Galaxy! 900+ mph plus speeds, treacherous courses and dastardly opponents are only a few of the things you'll have to contend with in Galactic Pod Racing to become the Fastest Racer in the Galaxy!

Entry Fee: 25,000, plus 75,000 for Pod Purchase
Ladder Judge: Fleet Admiral Tar-Atanamir